Watchmark - Cardiowatch Cardio One Black

The Cardio One smartwatch is a smartwatch that takes care of your health. It is equipped with innovative functions for monitoring health parameters such as blood pressure, glucose, saturation, pulse and temperature. In addition, the Cardio One allows you to monitor your progress and achievements, and serves to improve your fitness and performance by tracking steps, distance and calories burned.

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The Cardio One smartwatch offers monitoring of blood pressure, ECG, saturation, glucose measurement, heart rate and body temperature, providing information on the user’s health. The device collects data while you are sleeping, and recognises itself when you fall asleep and wake up. The results of the measurements are stored in the mobile app, allowing you to analyse your health and take appropriate action. This practical device supports the early detection of health problems and allows you to consult your doctor in case of abnormalities.

Support for health and well-being

Cardio One is a smartwatch that offers a variety of functions to monitor health and well-being. With automatic measurements, the smartwatch monitors pulse, temperature and glucose levels in real time. Pulse is measured every 5 minutes, while glucose and temperature are monitored every 30 minutes. This allows the user to regularly monitor these important parameters and receive up-to-date information about their health.

Caring for your health

The watch has built-in sensors and LEDs for continuous monitoring of health parameters.* All measurement results are saved in a dedicated app.



The heart rate monitor monitors your heart rate throughout the day or during exercise.



Allows you to detect many diseases related to the cardiovascular system. The measurement is painless and the result is obtained after a few seconds.



Measuring the oxygenation of your blood helps you to know how much oxygen is reaching your body and with what efficiency.



Measure your blood pressure anytime, anywhere without the need for a traditional blood pressure monitor.



With the glucometer on the smartwatch, we can take a quick and convenient glucose measurement at any time.

Sports features

The use of the sports modes available on the smartwatch brings numerous benefits to those who regularly engage in physical activity. Depending on the activity selected, the smartwatch allows you to measure the number of steps, calories burned, distance covered and monitor your heart rate. By keeping the smartwatch on your wrist at all times, it enables you to monitor your progress in real time and motivates you to continue your efforts. Sports modes available: walking, running, cycling, orbiter, climbing, stationary bike. 

One device, many functions

A smartwatch with notification function provides convenient access to information and time management. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you receive notifications from your phone, which you can personalise for greater productivity. With its movement reminder function, the smartwatch motivates you to be active for short periods. It also offers breathing training for stress reduction, which can contribute to better mental health. The available menstrual cycle monitoring function not only allows you to accurately predict your menstrual date, but also provides answers to questions about energy, motivation, mood and sleep during the different phases of your cycle.



Allows you to use the watch while washing your hands or on a rainy day.



The lithium polymer battery will allow you to use the smartwatch for a long time.



Metal casing and excellent screen quality, which is scratch resistant. 



An innovative processor with high performance and low power consumption.

*Do not make health decisions based solely on the results from a smartwatch. For accurate measurements, users should measure health functions at rest as with traditional medical devices and refrain from measuring during exercise, smoking or alcohol consumption. The smartwatch is not a medical device and measurement results are for illustrative purposes only.

****Despite our best efforts, however, it is worth remembering that glucose measurement using a smartwatch glucose meter may have limited accuracy compared to traditional laboratory methods. Therefore, it is important to confirm blood glucose results using more accurate methods if there are any abnormalities or doubt about the reading. All decisions regarding diabetes care and the interpretation of glucose measurements should always be consulted with a doctor who is qualified to provide expert advice and recommendations.

***The IP68 standard allows for water temperatures from +10 to +35 degrees Celsius and submersion to a depth of 1.5m for up to 30min. The watch cannot be used in hot baths or saunas as it is not steam resistant. It is not designed for swimming, it is designed to help you look after your health.