Products series

Cardiowatch WM18 Plus

The WM18 is a smartwatch designed with your health in mind. It has a built-in latest generation CHIP from Texas Instruments AFE Ti4404.

Cardiowatch WF800

This is an advanced smartwatch for measuring health functions and laser therapy. The watch measures: blood pressure, ECG, saturation, temperature and pulse.

Cardiowatch WGT2

It is a modern device that will allow you to monitor your health wherever you are. Among other things, our smartwatch measures blood pressure, pulse, blood saturation and ECG.

fashionwatch maverick

The Maverick is a combination of elegant classics and superior technology. It will add a chic touch to your every day and adapt to all your requirements with its advanced features

fashionwatch wlt10

The WLT10 is a modern watch that can replace your phone due to its SIM card slot, WiFi and 4G connectivity. It has a built-in camera.

fashionwatch wear3

The trendy design of the smartwatch allows to emphasise the individual style of every woman. The watch motivates you to take care of your health.

outdoor wm5

Watchmark WM5 is a modern watch that will allow you to monitor many parameters and help you achieve your training and health goals.

outdoor wl15

Watchmark WL15 is a modern smartwatch with many health and sports functions.It has a function to measure blood oxygenation. The watch measures ECG and blood pressure.

outdoor wl8

The WL8 smartwatch measures pulse, oxygenation and blood pressure and monitors sleep. It has up to 7 sports modes and displays the current weather.