Watchmark is a European company which produces the latest generation of smartwatches. The strong commitment of the entire team allows us to create innovative products tailored to consumer needs and the newest trends. At Watchmark, we value innovation and follow the freshest trends in technology. Our watches combine elegant design with advanced functionalities, allowing users to stay up-to-date and manage their lives with ease. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a businessman or a fashion enthusiast, our smartwatches are tailored to your needs.


The Watchmark brand family consists of experienced engineers and specialists who make sure that each smartwatch is unique. To guarantee the highest quality we cooperate with manufacturers such as Sony, LG, Bosch and Texas Instruments.

For all our products we give 2 year warranty and provide professional service. We strive to be a leader in every market in which we operate. We love what we do and want our customers to enjoy wearing our products every day. 

Our smartwatches not only help you gauge your health and workout status, but they also work as fashionable accessories to your outfits through their design. The high quality of our products is supported by numerous tests carried out by professionals at Czarna Góra Resort. 

many years
of experience

We have years of experience in the industry that we deal with, so you can find our products at reputable partners such as: Amazon, Zalando, Decathlon, Mall and Modivo.  We always make every effort to ensure that our contractors are fully satisfied with our products.

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