Watchmark - Cardiowatch WF800 Black

This is an advanced smartwatch for measuring health functions and laser therapy. The watch measures: blood pressure, ECG, saturation, temperature and pulse. With the laser therapy function, the smartwatch supports blood purification, lowering hypertension and fighting diabetes.

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The smartwatch is equipped with many features to help you take care of your health. The watch has the latest generation of chips from Texas Instruments and OSRAM measuring saturation, ECG and PPG. Calibrating the blood pressure monitor makes the results even more accurate, and measuring respiratory rate will help you assess your lung health. The device collects data as you sleep, self-identifies when you fall asleep and wake up, and its analysis is available in the app.*

The remote care function allows you to monitor the health of your friends or family. Once connected to the app, track and view sports or health data reports so you no longer have to worry about loved ones.*

Laser therapy

The therapy consists in emitting a light beam (of a fixed intensity: length and power) to a selected part of the body (diseased tissues) for a defined period of time.  The 650 nm wavelength released by the laser probe can effectively activate red blood cells, improve blood fluidity and viscosity, rapidly break down and dissolve thrombus, some toxins, and achieve blood purification effect. 

Caring for your health

The watch has built-in sensors and LEDs for continuous monitoring of health parameters.* All measurement results are saved in a dedicated app.



The heart rate monitor monitors your heart rate throughout the day or during exercise.



Allows you to detect many diseases related to the cardiovascular system. The measurement is painless and the result is obtained after a few seconds.



Measuring the oxygenation of your blood helps you to know how much oxygen is reaching your body and with what efficiency.



Measure your blood pressure anytime, anywhere without the need for a traditional blood pressure monitor.



The watch measures your body temperature continuously and alerts you if it’s too high.


Through a vibration signal we will receive information on the watch about the arrival of a call with the name of the contact from the phone book of the smartphone. On the screen of the device we can reject an incoming call. You will also see notifications from applications such as Facebook and SMS messages – the beginning of the content can be read directly on the watch. No need to take the phone out of your pocket anymore, just read the information on the smartwatch.

Sports features

The smartwatch will help improve your form by tracking your workout progress and recording it in the app. During activity, the watch records distance, calories burned, heart rate, steps and time, among others. The smartwatch features 5 sport modes: walking, running, mountain climbing, cycling, basketball.



Allows you to use the watch while washing your hands or on a rainy day.



The lithium polymer battery will allow you to use the smartwatch for a long time.



The classic look of the watch fits in with any outfit.



Texas Instruments and OSRAM***

High precision monitoring of health functions.


*Do not make health decisions based solely on the results from a smartwatch. For accurate measurements, users should measure health functions at rest as with traditional medical devices and refrain from measuring during exercise, smoking or alcohol consumption. The smartwatch is not a medical device and measurement results are for illustrative purposes only.

**The IP67 standard permits water temperatures of +10 to +35 degrees Celsius and immersion to a depth of 1m for up to 30min. The watch cannot be used in hot baths or saunas as it is not resistant to steam. It is not designed for swimming, it is designed to help you look after your health.

***The smartwatch has a CT171 sensor for measuring temperature, the TI ADS1291 chip is responsible for measuring ECG, and the OSRAM 2703+4404 combination for measuring PPG.