Watchmark - Fashionwatch
G-Wear Silver

It’s a smartwatch that will help you with your active lifestyle. The metal case of the watch highlights its unique design, and the intuitive menu makes it very easy to use. With a built-in microphone and speaker, it allows you to make calls directly from the smartwatch.

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Connecting the watch to your phone via Bluetooth allows you to make calls from your smartwatch while keeping the sound quality high. On the screen you will see notifications from your favourite apps such as: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and read SMS messages. After synchronisation with the phone, the phone book of the smartwatch will be available on the device.

Sports features

The smartwatch will help you improve your physical form by tracking your training progress and recording it in the app. During activity, the watch records distance, calories burned, heart rate, steps, time and pace. The sports modes you will find in the watch are: walking, running, cycling, jumping, badminton, basketball, football, trail running, climbing, golf, rowing, home and gym exercise.


Main Advantages

The smart watch not only has phone-like functions, but also monitors health parameters and analyses sleep quality. All the data is saved in a dedicated application, as a result of which you will develop new and better habits.



Receive and make calls from the smartwatch while maintaining high sound quality.

gry g-wear


The watch has two built-in games to spice up your leisure time.



Useful function that shows you the current weather and a forecast for the next few days.



Built-in heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor keep you healthy throughout the day.


Sleep Monitor

The watch collects data on your sleep patterns to help you improve the quality of your sleep.

Remote Camera Control

With Watchmark smart watches you can take photos remotely. Simply pair the device with the app on your phone and you can take photos straight from your wrist without the need for a selfie stick. The feature is particularly useful for self-portraits or group shots.

Remote Music Control

Once the smartwatch is paired with the app on your phone, the watch can be used as a remote to control the music playing on your smartphone. This function allows you to rewind, pause or resume songs. Don’t take your phone out of your pocket or purse, control everything with your watch!



Allows you to use the watch while washing your hands or on a rainy day.



The large battery capacity will allow you to use your smartwatch for a long time.



Metal casing and excellent screen quality, which is scratch resistant.


Realtek 8762DT

Modern processor with high performance and low power consumption

* Do not make health decisions based solely on smartwatch results. For accurate measurements, users should measure health functions at rest as with traditional medical devices and refrain from measuring during exercise, smoking or alcohol consumption. The smartwatch is not a medical device and measurement results are for illustrative purposes only.

**The IP67 standard permits water temperatures of +10 to +35 degrees Celsius and immersion to a depth of 1m for up to 30min. The watch cannot be used in hot baths or saunas as it is not resistant to steam. It is not designed for swimming, it is designed to help you look after your health.