Watchmark - Fashionwatch
Maverick Black

The Maverick smartwatch is a combination of elegant classics and superior technology. It will add a chic touch to your every day and adapt to all your requirements with its advanced features. Once you opt for this smartwatch model you will always have direct access to app notifications, incoming calls, text messages, weather, multiple health measurements and sleep quality.

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Keep in touch

The smartwatch display shows notifications from social media apps, SMS messages and incoming calls. You will be able to see the beginning of the message that has been sent, so that you are immediately up to date on what the subject is. You also have the option to answer or reject calls without using your phone. By customising the smartwatch to your needs, you can select reminders to help you drink water regularly and to alert you when you have been out of breath for too long.

The smartwatch reads the name of the contact who is calling you. The quality of the calls you will make directly from the smartwatch will positively surprise you. There is a top-quality speaker and microphone that captures sounds very well during a conversation. Once you have the opportunity to have a hands-free conversation, you will never go back to talking on the phone. There is also a log of recent calls and the ability to add up to 20 contacts to the smartwatch’s memory to make searching easier for you.

Sports features

Among the sports modes, you have a choice of physical activities such as walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, indoor running, yoga, free workout and orbiter. Beyond that, your steps are counted every day to monitor your spontaneous physical activity, not just your workouts. Remember that regular movement is incredibly important for your physical health, as well as your mental health. When you are active, their time, intensity, distance, route in the app, number of steps, calories and heart rate are monitored. These are all essential parameters that will help you analyse your sporting achievements and the path towards your goals.

Main Advantages

The smart watch not only has phone-like functions, but also monitors health parameters and analyses sleep quality. All the data is saved in a dedicated application, as a result of which you will develop new and better habits.



Receive and make calls from the smartwatch while maintaining high sound quality.



The smartwatch can be used as a torch and straight from your wrist.



Useful function that shows you the current weather and a forecast for the next few days.



The built-in heart rate monitor monitors your heart rate throughout the day or while exercising.


Sleep Monitor

The watch collects data on your sleep patterns to help you improve the quality of your sleep.


Create the look that suits you! There are up to 4 design templates to choose from for the main menu and the ability to add and remove most widgets in the shortcut menu. This will make it easy for you to quickly access the features you need most. Choose an infinite number of dials that change depending on the bar you choose and the styling you go for. Need to go back to the apps you used last time? A special additional screen will make it easy for you to search for them. You get an extra set of straps included. This allows you to quickly change from the elegant version to a sporty silicone strap. You no longer need to change your watch, losing your measurements and history throughout the day. Whether you are at work, on a workout or changing your outfit – all you need is one smartwatch that always fits you.

Remote control of your camera and music

With a Maverick watch that you pair with your phone, you have the ability to remotely control the music that is playing on your smartphone. You can start, pause and change music tracks without having to look for your phone every time. Group photos and selfie portraits will become always available and easy to take remotely. Simply have your phone’s camera ready, set up and take the photo using the smartwatch by your side. Perfect frames and captured moments will never escape you again.

Take care of yourself

The Watchmark smartwatch has the ability to monitor health functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and saturation. You can activate the measurements in the app at any time or set them to be performed cyclically, within the available time ranges. The smartwatch is with you at all times and reacts to differences in your pressure, heart rate and stressful situations. When these parameters deviate from the norm you will see this in the measurements taken. Unfortunately, none of us can completely eliminate stress from our lives. However, we can learn how to deal with it in order to calm ourselves down. The watch has a breathing training function. Use it when you need to calm down and regulate your breathing. If you need to further soothe tense muscles you can use the vibration massage function.



Allows you to use the watch while washing your hands or on a rainy day.



The large battery capacity will allow you to use your smartwatch for a long time.



Metal casing and excellent screen quality, which is scratch resistant.



Modern processor with high performance and low power consumption

* Do not make health decisions based solely on smartwatch results. For accurate measurements, users should measure health functions at rest as with traditional medical devices and refrain from measuring during exercise, smoking or alcohol consumption. The smartwatch is not a medical device and measurement results are for illustrative purposes only.

**The IP68 standard allows for water temperatures from +10 to +35 degrees Celsius and submersion to a depth of 1.5m for up to 30min. The watch cannot be used in hot baths or saunas as it is not steam resistant. It is not designed for swimming, it is designed to help you look after your health.