Products series

Cardiowatch WM18 Plus

The WM18 is a smartwatch designed with your health in mind. It has a built-in latest generation CHIP from Texas Instruments AFE Ti4404.

Cardiowatch WF800

This is an advanced smartwatch for measuring health functions and laser therapy. The watch measures: blood pressure, ECG, saturation, temperature and pulse.

Cardiowatch WGT2

It is a modern device that will allow you to monitor your health wherever you are. Among other things, our smartwatch measures blood pressure, pulse, blood saturation and ECG.

fashionwatch g-wear

The metal case of the watch highlights its unique design. With a built-in microphone and speaker, it allows you to make calls directly from the smartwatch.

fashionwatch wlt10

The WLT10 is a modern watch that can replace your phone due to its SIM card slot, WiFi and 4G connectivity. It has a built-in camera.

fashionwatch wear3

Sports Smartwatch with many sports functions. It has 10 sports modes, counts calories burned, distance covered, and steps taken. It has a built-in bluetooth speaker.

outdoor wm5

Watchmark WM5 is a modern watch that will allow you to monitor many parameters and help you achieve your training and health goals.

outdoor wl15

Watchmark WL15 is a modern smartwatch with many health and sports functions.It has a function to measure blood oxygenation. The watch measures ECG and blood pressure.

outdoor wl8

The WL8 smartwatch measures pulse, oxygenation and blood pressure and monitors sleep. It has up to 7 sports modes and displays the current weather.